A company between local tradition and globalization

Tura company was founded over 70 years ago in an area closely linked to the furniture tradition: Brianza, an active and prolific area in the region of Lombardia, between Milan and Como. Tura today continues to be acknowledged for the ability of combining values of craftsmanship with Italian excellence, extensive experience with research, new ideas with traditional aesthetic values. Made in Brianza, Tura’s creations now reach the most prestigious locations all over the world, requested by those who feel more like careful collectors rather than simple buyers.

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I volti Tura

Expertise and innovation coexist and live through family tradition. Renato Dello Strologo, together with his son Diego and his daughter Manuela, gives continuity to Tura’s main project: the creation of exclusive pieces for unique atmospheres. The company’s strategy is in fact well defined: starting from traditional and classical suggestions, Tura creations offer today - in a contemporary way - strong personality environments, more and more "customized". Looking at tradition then, but mostly at creativity, together with the great hand work of Tura master craftsmen working with excellent quality, materials and finishes.


Ever since its foundation, Tura has been collaborating with many famous designers and architects, offering their own interpretations of “excellence”. Unique projects by different personalities, sharing best quality as their common value. Contemporary lines meeting with traditional handcraft techniques, handed down over the years. Essential volumes taking life within precious materials and always fashionable collections, furnishing prestigious homes and exclusive places.

Designers: Giannella Ventura
Sakura Adachi, Michael Basara, Michael Lustig, Monica Moro, Piero Pinto,
Carlo Rampazzi,Monroe Sherman, Oscar Torlasco.